GOLF CLUB NEWS – Shoalhaven Heads

4 Ball Championship 2017

First Place: Kenny Payne & Alec Sime
52 Points ($35 voucher each)

Second Place: F. Williams & V. Koloski
50 Points on Count Back

Third Place: K.Garrett & S.Dunbar who won on C/B
from B.Connell 7 R. Cohen 50 and R.Caddick and E.Strachan 50 and K. Sawers and W.Joannuu also on 50

Nearest to Pins:
2nd G.Atkins(600)
6th W.Joannu (308)
11th K.Sawers (293)
15th B.Hastie (683)

Drive and Pitch:
1st V.Clemente (683)
10th R.Standing  (FIVE CENTIMETRES !!).

SCUTTLEBUT: First Guys my Apologies for late scratching from the Shoalhaven Game as I was on a short Family Break at Forster and actually had a hit at Forster Tuncurry and my form , at that course, looking at the above scores, would not have made me an attractive partner to draw.

**** On a serious note I report the Death of Long Time Member , Bobby Cull who passed away on the 28th June, I think, at his home. I have had the privilege of playing at least twice in the last year with Bob and he was quite open about the diagnosis given him some years before. His attitude of “I’ll show these Medical guys what a fight can be “ was typical of THE MAN and he treated every game with us as a Bonus from The Big Fella upstairs. On our most recent outing I was amazed to see every Tee Shot go straight down the Middle , nowhere near as far as our big Hitters, but nevertheless , he reminded me of The Story of The Hare and The Tortoise and the Old saying “Slowly , Slowly Catch /a THE TIGER .”  It is blokes like you ,  Robert Cull , that makes us all proud to be Members of Warilla Bowls Social Golf Club. May you have many great rounds at the Great Golf Course in The Sky and have many a beer at The nineteenth with The Bear and Co  !!

Sid will advise all members of Funeral Arrangements as soon as known and a large representation from our  Club would be more than appropriate.

***** After writing the above I am sort of glad that Sid had no Real funny stories from last Round as it would have seemed a little inappropriate at this time. But as Bobby would say On with The Show !!

well done to our winners at Berry Beach as I like to call Shoalhaven, and despite rumours to the contrary Kenny and Alec were not partners in last year’s event. Well done guys with FIFTY TWO points , but the ladder of success was on this occasion Very Crowded at The Top with  Frank Williams and Vic Koloski emerging from the pack to give Kenny Payne need of a computer to decide THE Minor Placings ….just goes to Show how expensive ONE MISSED PUTT can be !!  Good to see the numbers creeping up towards 40 !! Well done.. keep it up !

****** A Plug for a SPONSOR !!  We LUV YOUSE ALL !!   Drummond Golf at the moment will offer our Members 30% off New Grips and free fitting …….many varieties , so get down there , I’m getting The Aldi Special Done , so look out Pam Hastie , anything could happen !! – Phil M