President Christine, Vice President Kathy Douglas and Judy Hirjee together with Secretary- Heather Skinner, Treasurer – Betty Anderson, Match – Jo Hills, Selection – Maureen Murphy, Dianne McKay, Barbara O’Donnell, Julea Morgan & Narelle Mushet and social – Joanna Leipold, Joan Irvine, Flo Henry and Patricia Hyde were nominated and accepted positions for 2017-18. Expressions of interest were called to fill the two vacant positions for Match and the social position for social. Chairman of Match, selection and social are to be elected by their respective committees.
Jeanne Ray is our Welfare Officer and Mryna De Leon is our Communications Officer. We are desperate for someone to help Jo Hills with Match. Come on ladies, hands up! We need you!!
Congratulations to Heather Skinner, our Secretary. Twenty four years of unselfish giving to a Club that she loves has earned for Heather the well-deserved privilege of Life membership. Heather joins Helen Troy as our second Life Member.
Country, with Warilla Julea Morgan and Vicki Turner selected by NSW, defeated Metropolitan. Congratulations to Julea & Vicki, we always knew country had the best bowlers.
Julea, Leone, Shirley Lindsay & Maureen Murphy congratulations on winning the Fours Championship and congratulations as well to Christine, Sheila, Mary Astill & Kathy Douglas on Running-up.
To our Threes, you went oh so close at State Level. Beaten by two shots on an extra end in the sem-final – what a sensational effort. Thank you to all who travelled with us to cheer us on and thank you once again to our Club for their generous contribution towards this so important play-off. Accommodation and daily incentives, a bus and a wonderful bus driver at our beck & call!! We do thank you John Mushet (bus driver) and our Directors for your generosity. Well did our very best to change the colour of the flag to blue.
To Myrna De Leon, our Communications Officer-thank you for taking over the whisper and all that entails. I have loved the few years I have been whispering and I know Myrna is the perfect lady to pen to paper for us. Don’t forget to tell Myrna if you want to appear in print. Thank you Phil-you are a great editor!! And most forgiving!! Although Gramma & Spellen are like Wollworths Trollies-just do what you like.
 Betty Anderson

Footnote: Thanks Betty for being a wonderful correspondent for the Whisper – when it comes to prose, your one of the pros! – Editor